Custom Written Love Songs

David Paige recording a custom written love song

We’ve all been at a loss for what to get for our significant other. A custom written love song based on your love story is the most personalized and romantic gift you can give. Whether you’re planning the perfect surprise for the first dance at your wedding, a romantic gesture for your anniversary, or you’re looking for that wow factor for their Valentine’s Day or Birthday gift, this is exactly what you’re looking for.


This gorgeous fingerpicked guitar song was commissioned as a Valentine’s Day gift. Trish’s husband contacted me to find a heartfelt, meaningful gift that would convey his love. They met on a hiking trail, and their outdoorsy love has taken them all over the world, “from Sugar Creek to Giant’s Causeway.”


This emotional piano ballad was written for Mike, who was diagnosed with cancer a little over a year before the song was written. He and his wife have created an incredible life together and the diagnosis has only brought them closer together, making this a year of firsts and new traditions. This song celebrates where they’ve come from and how their love has blossomed.

David, your song is simply beautiful. I am so happy and excited and humbled and touched by the work of art both you and my wonderful husband put together. It feels so inadequate to say “thanks for the song!“.

I’ve played it at least 10 more times today. And I just had it blaring loud in my car. Amazing.
— Trish M. (song recipient)

The romance package - $249

I will write a custom love song for you and yours and record the song using an acoustic guitar or a piano and my voice. You will receive physical CD as well as a digital recording of your song along with a digital copy of my notes and the handwritten lyrics.


the serenade package - $499

I will write a custom love song for you and yours and record a fully produced song using multiple layers of instruments, including but not limited to multiple guitar tracks, piano, keyboards, drums and percussion, bass, strings and horns, vocal harmonies - whatever your song calls for is included in this package. You will receive physical CD as well as a digital recording of your song along with a digital copy of my notes and the handwritten lyrics.


the wow factor package - $899

This is where things get really special. In addition to the Serenade Package, you will also receive a custom designed and framed physical copy of the handwritten sheet music, my notes, and the lyrics for your song printed on canvas paper in partnership with LullaBelle Design.

Mike thought it was weird I found a song so fitting. Then I told him it was written specifically for us. Then he started really crying and said it was the best gift he ever received. Then we just listened to it again and both cried together. It was really personal and a special moment
— Jill S. (song for her husband)

Ok, so you’re interested…what’s next?

Step 1: Click the order now button to set up a consultation.

I take the time to really get to know your love story. You’ll fill out a questionnaire and where I will ask you a bunch of questions. I want to know everything! How did you meet? When did you first fall in love? What quirky things do you two do or say that make your relationship unique? Then, I will reach out to schedule a brief call so I can get to know your story even better. Then I get to work, and you sit back and relax while your beautiful, customized gift is created!

Step 2: You’ll have to decide on a deliver method

Some of my clients have created slideshows documenting their love story and have added their song as the final touch. Others have planted copies of the CD in their partner’s car to pop into the stereo at the right moment. Some have even hired me to perform the song live while they’ve purposed. The method is up to you, but I will be happy to lend my opinion or give some creative ideas for what might work for your relationship, based on what I’ve learned about the two of you!

This whole process has brought out such deep emotion for me. Your song was a perfect catalyst for me to go even deeper...

Thank you so much for this extraordinary gift. You will be part of our story, forever.
— Tom R. (song for his wife)

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