Chirayu and Ragini's Wedding

We had an incredible time with Chirayu, Ragini, and their newly blended family!

They went to great lengths to make sure their reception was an accurate representation of their relationship, and while they certainly retained some of the traditions that were important to them, they also included some very non-traditional elements to personalize their wedding reception. In fact, the newlyweds had actually had their ceremony and reception in San Diego several weeks earlier, and this was a second reception designed to include family from the midwest and east coast who couldn’t make it out to California!

There were FOUR food stations set up: Indian, Southwestern, New York, and Chicago. Each place had a different meaning to the couple, so they wanted to make sure there were elements of each place in the food available for their guests. This was probably the most unique food situation I’ve ever seen at a wedding, and was definitely something I’ll remember.

There was a moment leading up to the wedding where Chirayu’s sisters asked me to perform a special song for him and his new bride: “All The Way” by Eddie Vedder. It’s essentially a love song to the Chicago Cubs. This is not typically a song you’d expect to hear at a wedding, but with a beautiful introduction from his sister, Kosha, the song had a deeper meaning. The Cubs are important to the family, and this was one of the ways they wanted to welcome Ragini into the family.

During our second set, there was a break in dancing to get some photos in front of the stage while the band was playing. As the number of family members in the photo grew, Stephanie and I jumped off the stage mid-song and continued singing while joining in the HUGE family photo! The photo is in the slideshow below, and we’re pretty easy to spot as we’re the only two wearing all black!

I want to say thank you to the entire Baxi and Sarma families for inviting us to be a part of your celebration and for welcoming us into your family! We had such a blast!

Vendor Details

Venue: The Meadows Club
Photography: Nick Cartwright Photography
Videography: Video Girl Pro

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